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Kamada Soy Sauce Inc.

Famous across the world for our exclusively and traditionally blended Dashi Soy Sauce: UMAMI since 1789


Quality Assurance 

More than 30 types of domestically manufactured primary raw material is tested, including soy sauce and Katsuobushi


Commitment to Safety and HACCP Activities

On February 7, 2008, our Minato Plant in Sakaide, received HACCP accreditation- an audit by the Japan Fisheries Association


Kamada Soy Sauce Inc.

In Shikoku Island in southern Japan, the area of Sanuki (now Kagawa Prefecture) has long been known for salt production. Wheat and soybeans thrived because of the abundant sunshine and open fields. As a result, Sanuki became an ideal location for soy sauce production.

Kamada Soy Sauce Inc. has been making high-quality soy sauce in the Sanuki region since 1789, with the corporate motto that is producing the finest quality Soy Sauce, helping the community, and garnering public confidence. We have continued to produce new and innovative goods as the times have changed, while retaining our dedication to quality and service. For over 230 years, we have been manufacturing a wide range of Dashi Soy Sauce products to please our buyers.



We have started and living a legacy of Japanese Traditional Taste. Buyers trust and admire our experienced as global manufacturer and exporter
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